Cho-Liang Lin, violin

Cho-Liang Lin and Mozart’s Violin Concerti

Esteemed July 5th guest artist for the 2016 season, virtuoso violinist Cho-Liang Lin adroitly observes:

“For Mozart anything was possible, given his incredible genius…The amazing thing about these five concerti is that he actually progressed during [the composition of] the five pieces. It’s not that the first concerto is less good than number five. But the fact is he began to experiment more and more with the form, with the possibilities of what the violin could do, and with the interaction between the violin and the orchestra.”  

Here is a quick description of the 4th concerto, which Cho-Liang Lin will perform on July 5th:

Mozart Violin Concerto No. 4 in D Major, K. 218

ON THE PROGRAM July 5, 2016

Cho-Liang Lin, violin |  TICKETS

The opening movement may surprise listeners with its dark brooding periods, dramatic surges, and sudden moments of repose. Lovely aria-like phrases in the dominant key of A Major set the scene for a tranquil, singing second movement marked Andante cantabile which translates from the Italian to “singing” or “in a singing style.” This gives way to the brief, dance-inspired Andante grazioso. The autograph score is inscribed October 1775, but as scholars have discovered, it’s possible the inscription was altered.


A fascinating mystery surrounds the dates of composition of Mozart’s violin concerti. The autograph manuscripts are dated so as to indicate all were composed within less than one year. However, the stylistic evolution which occurs across the five works supports the notion that Mozart composed them over a slightly longer period of time, possibly from as early as 1773 up to 1775, according to some scholars.  Recent advances in technology have allowed researchers to ascertain that Mozart’s hand-written dates were tampered with, so the exact timeline may forever be lost to history.


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